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Covid-19 Travel to Hawaii: What You Need to Know

In this post, I’m sharing Covid-19 Travel tips. I had the luxury of traveling to Hawaii for my birthdaycation. I didn’t get a chance to renew my passport so my birthday options were limited and not to mention we’re in…


Things to Leave Behind in 2020

We have made it to the end of 2020 and whew what a year it has been! This past week I spent time reflecting on my shortcomings and identifying what I could have done better. I identified a few things…


Holiday Weekend Staycation

  Staycation: a vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions. I needed a change of environment since I’ve been working from home like the rest of…


What I learned in 2019: Year In Review

Oh, 2019! What a year it was for me. Unfortunately, I was not as active as I had hoped on my blog since I was experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions. But I’m happy to say my year ended on a…


10 Life Lessons I learned in my Twenties

1. Learn from it all and grow through it all From write-ups and suspensions to being placed on academic probation. I constantly beat myself up when I received any disciplinary action at work or if I didn’t score the grades…


5 days in California: Birthdaycation

Every year I look forward to my birthdaycation. Unfortunately, Hurricane Maria cancelled it last year. Throughout my 20’s I’ve traveled  to 12 different countries  and a  few states. For the last few days of my defining decade I  opted to…


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