Welcome to Millennial J.
My name is Janelly but you can call me J.
I’m an Afro-Latina Mil-len-nial, born in Brooklyn and raised in Staten Island, NY.
I am the textbook definition of a CAPRICORN, ambitious, determined and resourceful.

From 7 AM until 3 PM, I’m handling the demands of Corporate America. While from 3 PM to dusk, I’m working tirelessly on my next move or engrossed in a good read (hence my IG Handle @ms.goodreads). 
When I’m not doing either, I am exploring a new location embodying the travelista lifestyle.

Millennial J- About
I decided to create this blog because I’ve discovered the vast majority of my peers were unaware of the resources available that could help them excel in different areas of life. Throughout my 20’s I’ve amassed knowledge through reading memoirs, self-help, financial, spiritual books and lifestyle podcasts that have helped me navigate through this maze called life.

Millennial J is a personal growth and lifestyle blog to equip the millennial generation with tips and tools to maximize their full potential while maintaining their sanity and funds. My mission is to empower you, to take control and optimize your personal journey.  



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