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10 Life Lessons I learned in my Twenties

1. Learn from it all and grow through it all From write-ups and suspensions to being placed on academic probation. I constantly beat myself up when I received any disciplinary action at work or if I didn’t score the grades…


5 days in California: Birthdaycation

Every year I look forward to my birthdaycation. Unfortunately, Hurricane Maria cancelled it last year. Throughout my 20’s I’ve traveled  to 12 different countries  and a  few states. For the last few days of my defining decade I  opted to…


8 Books Every Millennial Should Read

Ninety-percent of the wisdom I’ve gained in my twenties has been acquired from reading. As you can probably tell…I read a lot of books. These, in particular, have made the most meaningful impact on my life. I began reading aggressively…


Bridge the Gap // Goal Setting

What are your unfulfilled goals for 2018? Is it too late to fulfill those goals? Are you letting past failures stop you from pressing forward? Have you reinforced habits that help to develop the skill set you need to achieve…


8 Essential Apps for Millennials

How much time do Millennials spend on their phone? According to my Moment app, I spend 4-5 hours a day. The other day I deleted some unused apps from my phone to free up space. I kept the ones I…


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